About Allison

A veteran of the gallery scene for more than three years she's made the jump into designing and styling fabulous interiors. She has always been passionate about creating a space or home that resembles the client's individual style. At any budget. Having a space you love and are proud to  call home doesn't always mean spending a small fortune. An avid blogger at Halcyon Style, she currently resides in the Boston area but throughout the doldrums of winter wishes she still lived down south.  



A Design Love Affair

When did my passion for Interiors begin? I was the five year old who insisted her grandmother take her to all the model homes and open houses happening around Marco Island to take home brochures with floor plans to create “space plans.” I was the ten year old whose mother had to dress me up so I could pass for 12+ to attend local show houses. I was the weird girl in class who constantly drew floor plans in her notebooks complete with furnishings. I clipped from magazines, I hoarded paint chips from expeditions to Home Depot with my father. I still find secret caches of these in my childhood bedroom. The honest truth is that I cannot remember a time when I was not obsessed with design and stylish spaces.